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As our name suggests, our primary focus is in supporting people both inside and outside the home, assisting in tasks that may have become difficult for the individual concerned or that may be outside the remit of statutory organisations.

Our experienced staff will take care of your needs around the house, leaving you or your loved ones with the time to enjoy their leisure.

Our Services


We take care of the routine cleaning tasks in your home - bathroom, kitchen, vacuuming the stairs. We can be flexible to your needs over frequency, time and schedule.


Give us a shopping list - we will pop round to the supermarket and fill up your cupboards.

Computer Assistance

We will help you with your computer issues - form filling, on line shopping, theatre bookings. Our staff are competent, trustworthy and patient.

Daily living skills

We can help with those small tasks that become difficult over time. Why struggle when we can make your life easier?

Prescription collection

No more trips to the chemist - we will collect your prescriptions for you


Fed up with all those complicated forms? We can assist with your utility accounts, benefit applications and other domestic forms.


Our gardening team will mow your lawn, weed flower beds and prune those bushes to leave your garden clean and tidy.


We offer a decorating service too - from a quick paint touch up to a complete room refurb, we will make your home a joy to live in with the minimum of fuss.

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Handbridge, Chester

We cover the Chester area and surrounding districts.

07474 331781

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